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100host.com Services offers complete low cost solutions for interconnecting individuals , offers and networks via the latest in high speed digital transmission systems and equipment. As a full service manufactures, remote access, internet access , telecommunicating , and test equipment. we provide extensive WAN services plus the experience for integrating LAN and WAN networks . These services include SMTP & POP mail services, web page server farms and domain name registration.
100host.com Networking solutions are a professional services department focused on design and implementation of converged next-generation networks and the essential support systems required operating and managing them.
Our Network team consists of technical and business experts who understand your organizational needs of flexible and future-enabled network solutions. Working alongside our partners and alliances, we deliver leading-edge network solutions that deliver the desired communications infrastructure to our clients.
Our methodology is simple; we analyze your environment, propose a comprehensive network layout plan along with equipment requirements to achieve your networking objectives.

100HOST.COM can perform for you include

Local area network study and design
Network installation and configuration
Virtual Private Network’s setup and configuration
Collocated and shared email server hosting
Collocated and shared server hosting
Network Consulting and Research Services
LAN Pre-wire in new construction
Setup of Small Office/HOME Office (SOHO) Networks
Windows NT server setup/configuration
Internet Gateway Router installation and configuration
Backup system H/W installation
Workstation setups to work in LAN
WAN configuration In new offices
Internal/Corporate Email System Setup
Many other networking related services!

100HOST.COM provides networking with Linux platform.

100host.com are the pioneers in introducing Networking on Linux platform, we have provided low cost solution for those who are either not comfortable with windows based networks or are not interested in purchasing license for there windows based servers.
We have shifted
Sql databases to MY Sql
IIS to Apache
Active directory to Samba
ISA to squid
Exchange server to Send mail
Office to Open Office
Windows server to Linux server

As the software’s mentioned above are being shifted from Microsoft platform to Linux platform, it gave our clients a much cheaper and yet more reliable solution.

Shared Unix hosting, Co-location Services, Dedicated Servers, E-ccommerce Solutions, and domain name registration Inexpensive domain registration Customer control panel  
Hosting Solutions Shared Unix hosting, Co-location Services, Dedicated Servers, E-ccommerce Solutions, and domain name registration

Shared hosting Servers

100host.com offers shared hosting server for Linux or Windows NT platform , our support staff is present 24 hours and 7 days a week for your support . though our packages are low in cost we still donot compromise in the quality of our services.Please view our packages for more details

Office Automation Solutions

100host.com has come up with Low cost and yet better solutions for your enviourments through out the years , our clients are satisfied with our low cost and yet more effective solutions such as VPN , VOIP and etc.

Dedicated server hosting

100host.com provides both managed and unmanaged servers , we always give high priority to our clients in every situation .

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