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How To Choose a Domain Name

A domain name is an inexpensive business essential. Here are the reasons.

Here's a couple of basic things to consider when choosing one:

Apply the "Radio Rule". Ideally, someone should be able to hear your domain name on the radio and be able to go straight to your website.
Lets say you heard that there was a sale at "carz4u.com.pk".
Where would you go to find their website?
carsforyou.com.pk or cars-for-you.com.pk or cars4you.com.pk or carsforu.com.pk, etc.

Maybe you'd find it eventually. More likely, you'd just give up - and their "cute" domain name has just lost them another potential client.

Keep It Short. Even though www.JacksonAndAssociatesInsuranceBrokersNorthSydney.com.pk may reflect the name of your business, it would be a pain in the neck for everyone who has to type it into a browser, or send you email messages.

Keep the name to a manageable length. Normally, the shorter and more memorable the better.
Which name would you be more likely to remember?
www.InternetBusinessAdvisor.com or 100host.com?

There's good names still out there - www.NameBoy.com is a domain name "thesaurus" that will give you some ideas for domain names for your business.

(And by the way, websites and email addresses are NOT case sensitive - So you can use capital letters wherever you like to make your names clearer.)

.com and .com.pk - The Main Choices.

For the majority of pakistani businesses, your best choice is either an American based .com name, or an Pakistani based .com.pk name. For maximum protection, it's a good idea to get both if possible.

Here are some factors to consider.



Cheap. Prices vary a lot. 100host.com charges 950Rs. / $14.00per year.* plus web hosting. *

Since deregulation, prices have fallen.
MelbourneIT charges $140 for 2 years. You can get the same from 100host.com for 2000 Rs. / $35. (Transfer your name to us, and renew at a lower price when your current registration expires.)


No Restrictions. Anyone, anywhere can register as many names as they like as long as the name is available. Restricted to businesses registered in Pakistan. You can now have as many names as you like, as long as they are related to your business.
Almost every word in the dictionary has been "dot-commed" so it's harder to get the name you want. More likely to get the name you want.
Internationally recognised: .com is the "Standard" internet extension. Good if you are trading outside Pakistan. Shows that you are a business that is formally registered in Pakistan. This can give you increased credibility with Pakistani clients.
It has recently been determined in the US courts that any legal actions relating to the use of .com domain names come under the jurisdiction of the state of Virginia, USA and that any actions will be decided by the courts there. This apparently means that if you have a domain name, a business located in the US can take it from you under certain circumstances. See http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/26957.html Once you register this name, it's yours for good t unless you don't pay the renewals.

Is The Name I Want Available?

You can only register a domain name if someone else has not already got it.

You can easily find out if a name is available by going to our secure online order form, and typing in the name you wish to register. If it is available, you can immediately apply to register it.(100host domain name pricing)

WARNING: There is time lag in the registration system. Don't assume that the domain name is yours until you have verification of acceptance from the domain registrar.

Domain Name Choices - Do you REALLY need to register everything?

There are many domain name choices available to you, and there are no shortage of companies telling you that you need to buy up all of them to "protect your business".

Each country can apply to have their own naming scheme, and they can impose their own rules on price, availability and distribution method. For example, the .tv domain name was assigned to the South Pacific nation of Tuvalu, who has entered into an arrangement with an American company to promote and sell these names.

From time to time, you will probably receive email and letters urging you to "protect your domain name" by registering a whole range of alternative extensions, such as .biz, .info, .tv, .cc, .name, .us

In our opinion, this is a waste of money for the majority of businesses, unless you have a valuable brand or trademark to protect. For most businesses, registration of the .com or .com.pk names is sufficient.

If you can get them both, we suggest that you do this. They can be connected to the same website.

Domain Name registration strategies

Registering additional domain names may be justified if you have a significant investment in branding your business, and want to protect yourself against loss of traffic and embarrassment.

Embarrassment? You bet.

In 1994, the president of the Unites States opened an internet site at www.whitehouse.gov. It's unfortunate that he didn't also own www.whitehouse.com, which is now connected to an adult site.

If your business has a high profile, it would be smart to register alternative domains, and get them connected to your main website.

For a similar reason, we recommend that you purchase both the .com and .com.pk version of your names if possible, so that you can avoid the situation where www.yourdomain.com.pk goes to your business website, and www.yourdomain.com is a porn site. (As is the case for one of our clients)

You may also consider registering other domain names, and the "sucks" version of your own domain name if you are concerned about the actions of activists or competitors.

For example, assume that you are a large company who has internationally promoted your new product product with a .com.pk name, but have not obtained any other name. Here's how it could be compromised.

1. A competitor registers .com and .net and .info which is connected to a competing product. There's not a lot you could do about it. Recall the example above, where even the US government has not been able to do anything about the .com version of the whitehouse site despite numerous attempts.

2. Someone takes a dislike to your product, and registers yournamesucks.com. Then they put up a website with content that is embarrassing to your company. This is VERY common, and many businesses register their domain name with "sucks" on the end to avoid

In cases like this, it may be worthwile considering the registration of alternative names as a protective measure.

Ownership of Domain Names

You never really "own" a domain name. What you buy is the right to use it for as long as you keep paying the fees, subject to the rules set down by the registration authority.

The administrative contact for a domain name is regarded by the registrar as the "owner" of the domain.

Don't let  your web developer, ISP, hosting company, or anyone else register themselves as the administrator for your domain name. This is similar to registering the title deeds of your house in the name of the real estate agent who sold it to you.

A good way of finding out complete details about the registration details for any domain name is to go to www.domainwhitepages.com and typing in the domain name you want to check.

It is in your interests that you are registered as the admin contact, and that your email address is current.

The person who is listed as the admin contact can sell the domain name to someone else, and you can lose control of it. There are several cases in the USA where developers have sold domain names belonging to their clients after the websites had become very successful.

Other Website Registration Issues

 Before registering a domain name, you should also check Business name and Trademark registries to minimise the risk of being accused of being a "squatter".

A squatter is someone with no real claim on a domain name, who registers that name in the hope of selling it to a business owner or trademark holder. Large companies and celebrities are quite active in pursuing actual and perceived infringements.





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