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Web Designing

for many years 100host.com has been desingning quality web sites for its customers , all of our customers appritiate our work,

how do we design a web site?

the first point which comes in our mind while designing a web site is what would our customer like , then the viewer of the web site , we have listed some of the web sites on this page which will help you understand .

for now 100host.com has developed web based applications for http://www.emacro.net,(Eductaion Consultant)

http://www.visionpak.org (Immigration Consultant),

http://www.softnotion.com (Immigration Consultant),

http://www.visionaus.com.au (Immigration Consultant),

http://www.ahmedanver.com (Artist & Gallery Owner)

http://www.meerzaali.com (Art Gallery 2000)

http://www.talentandtaste.com (Talent & Taste Interior Designer)

http://www.zehrionyx.com (King of Onyx)

sadawelfare.com ( welfare trust for Jinnah Hospital)

ausfin.com (ausfin international courier company)

regattamaritime.com (Logistic & shippings Agent)

http://www.ask-international.com (Logistic & shippings Agent)

http://www.seabirdlogistics.com (Logistic & shippings Agent)

http://www.sls.com.pk (Secure Logistics & shippings Agent)

http://www.compumeonline.com (Where Karachi Buys Technology)

and much much more

you will see that all of our work is unalike others , we donot copy the work from any where or work in the same sequence . all the web site mentioned above are very much different from others , the one thing common between them is that they are satisfied to work with 100host.com


What is the cost ?
$50 for the template ( the first look for your web site
$10 for additional pages
if you want a dynamic web site the rates will differ read more
$20 for a flash banner read more
$250 for search engine optimization in google and others read more
if there are any other questions please feel free to contact us


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Shared hosting Servers

100host.com offers shared hosting server for Linux or Windows NT platform , our support staff is present 24 hours and 7 days a week for your support . though our packages are low in cost we still donot compromise in the quality of our services.Please view our packages for more details

Office Automation Solutions

100host.com has come up with Low cost and yet better solutions for your enviourments through out the years , our clients are satisfied with our low cost and yet more effective solutions such as VPN , VOIP and etc.

Dedicated server hosting

100host.com provides both managed and unmanaged servers , we always give high priority to our clients in every situation .

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